Tips From the Tightrope

Priming For Positive

1397445_10151772721583148_387337060_oWho knows you better (and worse) than a sister? She witnessed your unfortunate hairstyle choices (and probably has photos). She knows you stuffed your bra with socks and stuffed clothes under your bed when mom wasn’t looking. She probably knows a few more things, both good and bad, from long ago to present.

My sister and I send one another affirming messages. Sometimes simple; sometimes silly: the messages encourage, elevate and remind us of both who we are and what we can do.

Day One:

“You have a flair for decorating and your photography is beautiful artwork.”

Day Two: 

“You have a kindness that shows so vividly in how you can see the good part of someone that no one else can see.”

Day Three: 

“You brighten up the cloudiest day with your smile, humor and wit…”

Day Four: 

“I always know that if I need someone to listen to me or to help me or if I have a big problem – I always know that you are there… always willing to listen, always willing to help and always willing to love… it’s very comforting to know that you’re my sister and my friend.”

Day Five: 

“You have a fabulous singing and speaking voice…  They should have an over-40 American Idol -you’d win!  ; )”


Don’t have a sister? Ask a friend. Or even ask yourself. There’s nothing wrong with emailing yourself a positive thought or quote. Star or flag them in your inbox and open as needed. Know that they are true and begin growing with joy and abandon.


Your thoughts? Comments?