Hi Heather, I have to tell you I enjoy your articles on Being a single dad, I can relate to all your home/work life balance articles and continue to remind myself of many of the things you mention. Thanks for telling it like it is. 

Hi Heather, I read some advice given by you on and liked what you had to say. So since I’m in need of some really good advice, I thought I’d ask you


I loved this advice. My life at 54 with adult daughters living at home has had a big shift since they were little. I am about to go back to full-time at work after a year of part-time, and anxiety is already creeping in. Thanks for the reminders. 

Dear Heather, I am wondering in what direction should I got first in trying to find a job? I would appreciate any of your advice… Thank you in advance.

What a terrific article! Even though I recently adjusted my career to stop working 24/7 so that I could be there more for my children, I was (unpleasantly) surprised to find that there still aren’t enough hours in the day! Your advice was solid, practical, and much appreciated! And I’m sharing it with my husband!