“Just finished reading Date like a Grownup. I was widowed in 2012 and as a 66- year- old secondhand virgin scared to death of “dating” again. So much of what you addressed is true of my widow friends and I as we begin to talk about and perhaps venture “out there.” Wish I had read your book before my foray into…. Great Read!”

“This was awesome. Really enjoyed listening to Heather…”

While I have not yet met my Miss Right, I believe that “Date Like A Grownup” has set me on the right path to better identifying and communicating with her when she and I ultimately enter each other’s lives. Thank you, Heather!


You are helping a lot of us Heather. Keep writing and talking.

I love your technique of floating over the drama!

This was a first for our group; but I doubt our last…obvious from the strong turnout that many of us realize there are numerous speed-bumps and false-starts encountered at this stage of life, but at least we have our many friends from this group, and now Heather’s excellent advice…

This book not only gave helpful advice, it did so in a direct yet humorous fashion. A definite must read for anyone finding themselves in the dating pool in their later years! We aren’t 18 anymore and dating is just a “little” different!! In all honesty, it is a great read for anyone, single or not.

Heather has many concepts and experiences that I can say ‘Hey, that’s me!’ I am excited to have her book. Heather gave an excellent talk…

What a great night! Heather was interesting to hear from and we all had a great time…with some fascinating and revealing conversations…

Date Like A Grownup” is a terrific guide for women about to enter the dating shark tank after an extended hiatus, as well as for those simply stuck in a dating rut. If you have such a friend and are part of her support team, you will find “Date Like A Grownup” invaluable in building your skills as a ‘Cabernet Coach.’ It’s perfect for the all-women book club, providing loads of laughs for discussion–and with our country’s high divorce rate, the practical advice will likely apply to more than one of your group. Many men will find Dugan’s book helpful–not simply for ‘learning how the other side thinks,’ but more to answer some key questions: Is she interested in me or just a free dinner? What does my shirtless profile photo really say?