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Parenting Lessons from Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Parenting Lessons from Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Published Oct. 14, 2020

“...by reminding our daughters that they can pick things differently than us. Bring it into your personal relationship: “How are we similar and how are we different?” Let her know she shouldn’t be confined by the kind of woman her mother might be. Also, it’s important to say it’s OK to change your mind. All of us change our minds a few times along the way as we learn new information. Ask, “What do you think I would never do that looks like fun to you?” and “What are your favorite ideas or hopes for your future life as an adult woman?”

Help them think of themselves as a future adult and see all the possibilities. Justice Ginsburg was a pioneer, and I think talking about what that means and how “no” is a common response to people who go first—what do you do with that no? “No” used to stop me in my tracks, but “no” is really just an answer. It doesn’t have anything to do with who you are or what you can do. It’s just information to use as you go forward. Ask your daughter about times when she was told she couldn’t do something: What does that feel like? And what did she do? Help her to come up with a script she could use the next time she’s in that position so she has actual words to fall back on...”

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