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Find humor, hope, and heart with Angie as she braves dating and self-discovery in this witty romp through the world of modern romance...

After a would-be suitor tails her to a grocery store checkout, Angie Wharton confronts the grim realities of her post-divorce dating options. Niggling guilt, a fickle resolve and easy access to her sister's dinner table have kept her on the sidelines, but her brother-in-law's patience and supplies of cabernet are running low.

Pressed into posting an online dating profile, Angie decides to take the offense before love passes her by. But navigating this virtual world of blurred photos and lonely hearts will require her to create both a roadmap and a new understanding of herself.

Lipstick? Check. Eye contact? More or less. Awkward moments? Oh yeah.


Reader Reviews

From the gut, the heart, and a sophisticated but down-to-earth funny bone, this book is truly a page-turner!

Monda P; Amazon review (verified purchase)

Hilarious. I see myself in many of these situations and now know I am not alone. It helps to laugh and know it is alright. This is a refreshing read about real life adventures. I will read it again just to make myself feel good about life.

Carol A. Akers; Amazon review (verified purchase)

Angie's mid-life dating exploits made me laugh and cringe and sympathize and, mostly, root for Angie to find Mr. Right or at least realize she's having a great time and finding herself while trying to find him! Heather Dugan does a great job of being wryly funny, while poking fun of the pitfalls and awkward situations involved in this shark- and quirky guy-infested world of online and blind dating. Her insight expands into family relationships and is quite poignant at times.

Laura F; Amazon review (verified purchase)

Angie Wharton, who still feels the sting of guilt, self-doubt and despair following a slew of personal tragedies, struggles to put her life back together and meet the man of her dreams —all while keeping her children fed and properly chauffeured. The humor itself certainly entertains the reader; but in a larger sense the humor removes the edge from the sharp, difficult issues Angie must confront in moving forward, making those issues easier to understand and process...

Mark W; GoodReads review

An outstanding job of capturing some of the choices, challenges, and even occasional humor of life after divorce in the age of digital dating... offers fresh insights into the Mars and Venus worlds in which men and women often orbit.

Dennis H; Amazon review (verified purchase)

Ms. Dugan has the innate ability to portray real life and make us remember exactly what it was like to be mid-life and single. The fact that she conveys all this with side-splitting laughter is just a "cake frosting" bonus.

Bobbio; Amazon review (verified purchase)

Get humorous real-world anecdotes from time spent navigating the online world of dating (yes, Angie Wharton is based on my experiences) in addition to future free downloads!

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