The Friendship Upgrade

Trade Clickable Connections for Friendships that Matter

It’s your life; make it better with these life-changing steps for bringing real friendships into your life.

Date Like a Grownup

Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt & Advice Between Friends

Save time and heartbreak; find your romantic partner with savvy dating advice from men and women who’ve been there (and probably already done that).

Pickup in Aisle Twelve

Find humor and hope for your romantic hunt with Angie as she navigates the good, the bad, and the seriously funny in today’s hybrid world of dating.

Stuffing Sandwiches Down My Shirt

Find tools and strategies for better mental health and optimizing your recovery after surgery in this surgeon-recommended guide for prospective and convalescing patients.

Testimonials & Reviews

As an Executive in Human Resources, I find most of my professional energy spent on educating others about the nuances of meaningful relationship building. Most often, the primary impediment is a lack of self-awareness, but Heather Dugan has boiled that conundrum down in a way that anyone can understand and immediately begin to act upon. Plain and simple, this is a good read on both a personal and professional level for men and women alike.

Jim McGannon

Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development, Sarnova

Heather Dugan brings a rare combination of insight, passion, life experiences and exceptional communication skills to The Friendship Upgrade. This book will prove to be an excellent resource, not only for individuals hungry for meaningful connections but also for any organization that claims to care about people and the health and productivity of its workforce.

Dennis Hetzel

Executive Director, Ohio Newspaper Association, Columbus Ohio; President, Ohio Coalition for Open Government; award-winning author of Killing the Curse and Season of Lies

Great book. Well written, entertaining. As a recently single guy navigating the dating scene, it's interesting/informative to hear perspectives from the other side of the table. Ms. Dugan shares many of her own experiences and those of friends and acquaintances. Pulls back the curtain a bit. If you pay attention and listen, she just might help you avoid some of the common traps and mistakes and maybe even figure out how enjoy the process and actually recognizing the person who is right for you when they come along.

Mike M.

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