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Make the most of your surgical recovery with this surgeon-recommended guide filled with tips for maintaining mental wellness, living well despite restrictions, and optimizing your return to health.

Rock your post-op with tips and tricks for doing and enjoying life during surgical recovery.

This upbeat approach to one-footed living delivers practical ideas for maximizing the temporary challenges associated with a casted leg and crutch use. For this single mom of three, humor was essential to making post-op recovery time a fulfilling and surprisingly fun experience. Gym workouts, grocery shopping and even happy hours remained on the schedule. Instead of creating isolation, her crutches and leg cast fostered better human connection throughout her recovery.

Reader Reviews

Should be required reading given out with crutches!Stuffing Sandwiches Down My Shirt is a very practical and inspirational look at how to survive and excel in recovering from an injury or in this case, surgery. Ms. Dugan uses her upbeat humor to share her own thoughts and creative solutions to the very real challenges encountered during recovery from surgery. She also shows how one can take ownership of their recovery and stay active in the recovery but in a safe and practical manner. As a surgeon, I will strongly recommend my patients to read this perspective BEFORE their procedure when possible so they can be as knowledgeable and proactive as possible.

Dr Christopher F. Hyer, DPMPartner, Foot & Ankle Surgeon at Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Center

Laughter is the best medicine to a fun fast and full recovery. Funny and fun read to let you know that you are not the only one who has ever struggled to live life on one foot. Heather gives light-hearted stories and tips. It's the perfect thing to read if you are recovering on crutches. If you have a friend or loved one on crutches, forget the flowers... Give them this book. They will thank you and pass it on to friends.

Thomas M. Schwab; CEO, Interview Valet

Very helpful information for anyone coping with life on one foot. When you're dealing with the stresses of surgery recovery, it's good to have things spelled out. The writing style is entertaining and easy to read. I'm recovering from ankle surgery and using a scooter to get around more than my crutches or walker, but much of the advice applies to these other one-footed modes of transportation as well as crutches.

C. Sullivan; Amazon review (verified purchase)

Perspective changes everything! This uplifting insight into what life can look like with crutches was exactly what I needed to pull me out of despair and deal with my own new normal.

Sandy C.; Amazon review (verified purchase)

Inspirational! A great book for anyone who is or will be on crutches. Lots of wonderful suggestions and lots of great attitude encouragement.

Paul Guyer; Amazon review (verified purchase)

I was looking for practical survival tips and got those and much more. This is an upbeat, empowering short read that has made my time on the crutch sticks a bit more rewarding and certainly made them less limiting than I first expected.

Cher; Amazon review (verified purchase)

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