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Heather Dugan of Cabernet Coaches: 5 Things We Can Each Do to Help Solve the Loneliness Epidemic

Heather Dugan of Cabernet Coaches: 5 Things We Can Each Do to Help Solve the Loneliness Epidemic

Published Oct. 27, 2020

“It’s important to establish that loneliness is not a judgement or personal defect. It is, most often, simply an unfortunate outcome: a function of the times we live in paired with a transitional event that separated someone from social connections at a time it was difficult to build new ones. This happens frequently. Even happy events — a promotion, move to a new neighborhood, or a new baby — can cause this. Difficult transitions, such as prolonged illness, death, or divorce, can make it even harder. The individual must build connections in a new and unchosen life zone while navigating an emotional hardship. Temporary disconnections are not abnormal. They happen to most of us at one time or another. There’s no cause for shame, just a big need to fix the problem before it grows chronic...”

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We had the amazing opportunity to bring Heather to speak at an OhioHealth retreat focused on well-being and rejuvenation. She was an inspiration and a catalyst to help our staff articulate their own feelings of isolation. Since her talk, I have noticed a deliberate effort by our team to find connection and fulfillment in our “real time” experiences.

Emma Eileen Shihab; Manager, Epicare Ambulatory, Beacon, MyChart & Research applications

Heather’s presentation on Creating Space for Real Connection provided our Lifelong Learning members some powerful insights and validation to cope with the loneliness and disconnection we all experienced during Covid. Her recommendations helped us move toward reconnection with our community as we re-establish our lives. The members enjoyed the discussion.

Janna Trout, Curriculum Chair for Life@Elon, Elon University, NC

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