Heather Dugan in conversation with Janet Jefferson of Chesapeake Family Life.

Chesapeake Family Life: Building a Community of Mom Friends

Chesapeake Family Life: Building a Community of Mom Friends

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Building a community of mom friends is essential to overcoming a sense of isolation as well as the negative impact of technology, over-efficient living, and the choices that can root us in chronic loneliness. Social media is no substitute for face-to-face conversations…  COVID has maxed out coping skills, including social skills that are not as strong as they were pre-COVID and while social media can be a great tool for finding a community, it does not fulfill the need for real conversations…

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Something remarkable happened today. In a very short amount of time, Heather was able to get these women to share things that were very personal. As someone who’s in the business of connecting with people, I was amazed by how quickly and deeply it happened… Check out Heather’s book, The Friendship Upgrade if you’re looking for an honest account of what it’s like to find community in today’s world.

Carolyn Hadlock Principal, Executive Creative Director Young & Laramore

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