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Dad Daze –The impact of the notorious RGB

Dad Daze –The impact of the notorious RGB

Published Oct. 5, 2020 (print, online)

“I spoke with relationship expert and bestselling author Heather Dugan, a huge fan of Ginsburg, for her take on how to speak about the legend’s impact.

‘Justice Ginsburg had a unique path, and your daughter can go on many different paths. Part of that is due to Ginsburg, who opened many doors that were closed to women.’ But it’s how Ginsburg opened the doors, which is interesting for Dugan, who stresses the importance of connectivity, which is central to her book, The Friendship Upgrade.

You don’t get anywhere unless you build on your personal connections,’ Dugan said. ‘Look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She surrounded herself by people who believed in her like the Columbia law professor (Gerald Gunther, who made sure Ginsburg became a law clerk with the U.S. District Court of New York) and her husband (Martin Ginsburg).

I would ask your daughter, ‘Which friends of yours believe in you?’ You want to be around people who see the best in you.’”

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I appreciate Heather's ability to address (as an author and speaker) the basic but oh so complicated issues we are all dealing with in our own individual relationships during this time of pandemic and social change. Heather did a well-received and inspiring presentation. I recommend her to any group for an engaging presentation!

Joseph M. Patchen; Carlile, Patchen & Murphy LLP Law Firm

Heather is wonderful to work with! Our dietetic practice group hosts webinars for continuing education credits and she was a featured presenter. Heather was organized and engaged throughout the entire process from planning to presentation. The live webinar received top notch reviews from our members. Thank you, Heather!

Stephanie Shaw, RDN; Regional Manager, Patient Solutions at Morrison Healthcare

Something remarkable happened today. In a very short amount of time, Heather was able to get these women to share things that were very personal. As someone who’s in the business of connecting with people, I was amazed by how quickly and deeply it happened… Check out Heather’s book, The Friendship Upgrade if you’re looking for an honest account of what it’s like to find community in today’s world.

Carolyn Hadlock Principal, Executive Creative Director Young & Laramore

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