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Date, Live, and Love Like a Grownup

Date, Live, and Love Like a Grownup

Learn practical tips and strategies for finding a sustainable, long-term relationship in the digital age with relationship expert and Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt, and Advice Between Friends author Heather Dugan in this highly interactive talk or workshop. Delivered with humor and hope, this affirming presentation empowers adult singles to confidently navigate the dating world, online and in real life. Topics include self-stabilization and alignment, readiness checks, what to look for (and avoid!) in online profiles, and effective filtering of candidates. Attendees will learn to identify misconceptions and personal blind spots, spot the tell-tale signs of narcissists and predators, discern time-wasting dead-end daters, and get coached on best practices for dating in the digital age. Learn big picture strategies and the essentials for navigating the meet-and-greet and creating your own real-world opportunities.

The book Date Like a Grownup by author Heather Dugan.

Heather’s talk can be customized to single sex or mixed groups, paired with social mixers and dating profile workshops, and always features a take-home language library and toolkit for handling likely scenarios. Emerge confident and equipped to engage and effectively navigate your future dates. Bring your questions, get ready for some role-playing, and expect laughter, new friendships, and connection as you chart your path toward a genuine love relationship.

“A first for our group, but I doubt our last! It’s obvious from the strong turnout that many of us realize there are numerous speed bumps and false-starts encountered at this stage of life. At least we have our friends from this group, and now, Heather’s excellent advice! I am excited to have her book.” 

“You are helping a lot of us Heather. Keep writing and talking.”

Other popular topics include

  • "Your Room, Your Elephant"
  • "Three Keys for Genuine Relationships"
  • "Divorce Like a Grownup"
  • Book talks (The Friendship Upgrade: Trade Clickable Connections for Friendships that Matter, Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt, and Advice Between Friends)
  • "Barriers and Bridges to Connection"

Testimonials & Reviews

Went to one of Heather's presentations recently and enjoyed it immensely. While she speaks from the perspective of a woman, she talks to the entire audience, male and female. Her talks will encourage dialogue in your organization.

Paula Miller; Chief Administration Officer; Fullen FInancial Group, Inc.

Heather is very knowledgeable and has some very good concrete advice and tips to be able to use in your practice. Her toolkit is a great asset.

Kathy Glazer MS, RDN, LD; Eat Smart Coach, Medical Nutrition Therapy

I appreciate Heather's ability to address (as an author and speaker) the basic but oh so complicated issues we are all dealing with in our own individual relationships during this time of pandemic and social change. Heather did a well-received and inspiring presentation. I recommend her to any group for an engaging presentation!

Joseph M. Patchen; Carlile, Patchen & Murphy LLP Law Firm

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