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Engage and Connect in the Digital Age

Engage and Connect in the Digital Age

Changes in the ways we communicate and engage with the world around us have taken an exacting toll on our relationships and overall connectedness, launching a widely recognized loneliness epidemic. Heather’s devastating isolation following multiple family deaths and a lengthy divorce sparked a personal quest: to solve her own loneliness and to understand why social disconnection has become such a common experience in industrial countries. 

Join the founder of Cabernet Coaches®, a social access and self-betterment group for women, and author of The Friendship Upgrade: Trade Clickable Connections for Friendships that Matter for a deep dive into contributing causes, measurable social and health impacts, and recommended responses for individuals, communities, and organizations. Learn how the disconnecting drift began with conveniences, digital reliance, and opportunity clutter; how our instinctive drive toward greater efficiency made it worse; and how ordinary life transitions leave so many stranded on the social sidelines.

While the topic is grim, the hope is real, and Heather’s warmth, humor, and practical strategies will engage and empower attendees to go forth with practical strategies and steps for creating real connection in their own lives and communities. 

“Something remarkable happened today. In a very short amount of time, Heather was able to get these women to share things that were very personal. As someone who’s in the business of connecting with people, I was amazed by how quickly and deeply it happened…”

Other popular topics include

  • "Three Keys for Genuine Relationships"
  • "Four Keys to Connection in the Workplace"
  • Book talks (The Friendship Upgrade: Trade Clickable Connections for Friendships that Matter, Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt, and Advice Between Friends)
  • "Barriers and Bridges to Connection"

Testimonials & Reviews

It was a great privilege to hear Heather speak at the Women's Leadership Coalition meeting. Her message was captivating, eye-opening and relatable. I left feeling motivated from her wisdom and ready to implement the tangible steps she imparted on me to improve the relationships in my life.

Breanna Stein, CFP

I appreciate Heather's ability to address (as an author and speaker) the basic but oh so complicated issues we are all dealing with in our own individual relationships during this time of pandemic and social change. Heather did a well-received and inspiring presentation. I recommend her to any group for an engaging presentation!

Joseph M. Patchen; Carlile, Patchen & Murphy LLP Law Firm

Went to one of Heather's presentations recently and enjoyed it immensely. While she speaks from the perspective of a woman, she talks to the entire audience, male and female. Her talks will encourage dialogue in your organization.

Paula Miller; Chief Administration Officer; Fullen FInancial Group, Inc.

FANTASTIC event!!! We wish every event could be as insightful... as immersive. (Usually) we receive maybe one question; you covered the content so thoroughly and thoughtfully, and everyone was fully engaged throughout.

Ryan Crinnigan; Manager, Lifelong Learning and Engagement at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Thank you very much for your time! It was well worth the cost—an excellent presentation and such useful and needed information!

Brenda Valera, RDN, LD, CFS; R&D Director; Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.

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