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Heather Dugan: “Be Your Own Cheerleader”

Heather Dugan: “Be Your Own Cheerleader”


Published March 4, 2021

The intro text of a written interview with author and speaker Heather Dugan.

“It’s disturbing how much easier our hearts grab onto a negative comment over a positive one, and our own voices can be the worst of all! After several years of battling my own heckling, I vowed to never say anything to myself that I wouldn’t speak to one of my kids. That’ll change your language! I also realized that, if I needed encouragement, I’d better be prepared to supply it to myself. That voice in your head had better be your ally, otherwise you’re essentially trash-talking the home team...”

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I’ve read her books but listening to her adds a dimension that enables the audience to behave differently leaving the room than when they assembled… more eye contact, a focused effort to meet the new person, even a more courteous exit from the parking lot.

Mary Angela Miller, Founder, KeepSafeFood, adjunct faculty OSU Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Heather’s presentation on Creating Space for Real Connection provided our Lifelong Learning members some powerful insights and validation to cope with the loneliness and disconnection we all experienced during Covid. Her recommendations helped us move toward reconnection with our community as we re-establish our lives. The members enjoyed the discussion.

Janna Trout, Curriculum Chair for Life@Elon, Elon University, NC

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