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Katie Holmes’ Pandemic Romance May Be Over. How About Yours?

Katie Holmes’ Pandemic Romance May Be Over. How About Yours?

Published Apr. 23, 2021

“’When we talk about relationships that began during the pandemic, it’s sort of like how there were those grabs for any brand of toilet paper or hand sanitizer last spring,’ relationship expert Heather Dugan told The Daily Beast. ‘We were filling a different need, but the attitude was, ‘anything is better than nothing.’ We have since found out that’s horrifically untrue... if you made your bubble just the two of you, that tiny little bubble is going to run out of oxygen eventually,’ Dugan warned. ‘It doesn’t matter how witty the banter after a while—if your perspective is that narrow, [a partner’s] perceived defects will loom larger and larger’...”

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Went to one of Heather's presentations recently and enjoyed it immensely. While she speaks from the perspective of a woman, she talks to the entire audience, male and female. Her talks will encourage dialogue in your organization.

Paula Miller; Chief Administration Officer; Fullen FInancial Group, Inc.

Heather’s presentation on Creating Space for Real Connection provided our Lifelong Learning members some powerful insights and validation to cope with the loneliness and disconnection we all experienced during Covid. Her recommendations helped us move toward reconnection with our community as we re-establish our lives. The members enjoyed the discussion.

Janna Trout, Curriculum Chair for Life@Elon, Elon University, NC

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