Heather Dugan speaking at the Association for Healthcare Foodservice Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas.

What Just Happened? Navigating Conflict and Confusion in Communication

What Just Happened? Navigating Conflict and Confusion in Communication

A popular choice for national keynotes and webinars, this talk is geared to companies, associations, and organizations actively seeking to improve workplace interactions and engagement and can be crafted to meet CEU requirements in communication, leadership, ethics, and emotional intelligence/resilience.

A highly collaborative opportunity, this can be customized to address everyday industry/organization-specific communication dilemmas: This is not a how-to on handling department presentations or meetings but a guide to handling those deer-in-the-headlights moments when focus is yanked from productive engagement towards confusion, chaos, and potential conflict.  

Heather’s engaging presentation provides enlightening context and the background details that fly under the radar but create glitches in our understanding of intent, meaning, and purpose, often derailing progress toward company and organizational goals. 

Optionally presented with colleague Mary Angela Miller, MS, RDN, LD, this workshop or keynote repurposes real-life communication failures to equip attendees with valuable know-how for building better, more productive interactions in the future. Expect an enlightening and entertaining session with audience engagement and role-playing that may ring uncomfortably true and familiar but will offer up the “redo” options for “next time,” because these scenarios do tend to be repeated ad nauseam until better solutions are learned. 

This talk or workshop includes a customized take-home toolkit with scenario strategies, helpful big picture guidelines, and a language library tailored to the dilemmas shared by participants.

Heather Dugan was amazing! The real-life scenarios were perfect for the audience. I don't think I have ever attended a training session so tailored to my exact position.”

Additional topics include

  • "Engage and Connect in the Digital Age"
  • "Three Keys for Genuine Relationships"
  • "Barriers and Bridges to Connection"
  • Book talks: (The Friendship Upgrade: Trade Clickable Connections for Friendships that Matter, Date Like a Grownup: Anecdotes, Admissions of Guilt, and Advice Between Friends)

Testimonials & Reviews

I appreciate Heather's ability to address (as an author and speaker) the basic but oh so complicated issues we are all dealing with in our own individual relationships during this time of pandemic and social change. Heather did a well-received and inspiring presentation. I recommend her to any group for an engaging presentation!

Joseph M. Patchen; Carlile, Patchen & Murphy LLP Law Firm

Heather is a professional speaker and communications expert. She delivered a talk focused on navigating conflict and confusion utilizing communication at our 450-person event. She is knowledgeable, uses storytelling to connect with attendees and provide practical takeaways.

Mina Shin, CAE; Managing Director| Association Executive; Association for Healthcare Foodservice

It was a great privilege to hear Heather speak at the Women's Leadership Coalition meeting. Her message was captivating, eye-opening and relatable. I left feeling motivated from her wisdom and ready to implement the tangible steps she imparted on me to improve the relationships in my life.

Breanna Stein, CFP

FANTASTIC event!!! We wish every event could be as insightful... as immersive. (Usually) we receive maybe one question; you covered the content so thoroughly and thoughtfully, and everyone was fully engaged throughout.

Ryan Crinnigan; Manager, Lifelong Learning and Engagement at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Thank you very much for your time! It was well worth the cost—an excellent presentation and such useful and needed information!

Brenda Valera, RDN, LD, CFS; R&D Director; Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.

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